Turnkey Wi-Fi and Hotspot Solutions Partner

Turnkey Wi-Fi and Hotspot Solutions Partner

Wi-Fi access is no longer seen as a perk, but rather as an essential service by today's Wi-Fi users. In light of the high cost of mobile data, a slow, expensive, or unreliable connection will turn customers away, while good Wi-Fi will encourage customers to stay and spend more time.

You can engage with and understand your customers more effectively with Wi-Fi. Smartphones play a major role in the customer journey, with many consumers reading reviews or comparing prices as they shop. You should take advantage of this opportunity by offering fast, seamless Wi-Fi connection.

In spite of this, many mall operators and you see public hotspots as a cost-effective support and management headache instead of an opportunity to drive customer engagement and revenue. Partnering with a hotspot management provider who understands the Wi-Fi industry from top to bottom is the best way to turn this around.

Partnering with such a company should provide the operator with a solution that gives them control over who connects to their network, while reducing the costs and complexity of managing Wi-Fi and maximizing the revenue and engagement opportunities.

Through such a partnership, malls and you can achieve the following benefits:

Our "Plug-and-play Wi-Fi ad serving platform will generate revenue as soon as you activate it.

By working with the right partner, a company can create a reliable and secure service that will impress Wi-Fi users and ensure they come back again and again.

Malls can provide Wi-Fi users with online maps of their property or information about their stores through the captive portal where Wi-Fi users log in and subscribe to Wi-Fi services.

Marketing and advertising: Captive portals are ideal for engaging customer journeys. Content can be targeted based on factors such as scheduling, demographics and geolocation, and displayed to end users before and during the hotspot session. Promotions and vouchers can be sent to users based on their context or interests.

The Wi-Fi portal at shopping centers and you can use to collect rich customer information so you can tailor customer journeys accordingly. The Protection of Personal Information Act requires the gathering of user data, email addresses, and cellphone numbers. Additionally, store layout and visual merchandising decisions can be informed by foot traffic data (for example, how customers navigate the mall or where they spend the most time).

Control over usage: A public Wi-Fi provider can create policies and rules that can throttle or cap users based on a combination of time, data, bandwidth, and location. As a result, it can optimize its Wi-Fi service both in terms of cost and quality.

There is much more to public Wi-Fi than simply being an overhead for providers. It can also serve as a tool for customer engagement, marketing, data gathering, and revenue generation. When you work with the right partner, you can turn Wi-Fi into a revenue-generating tool, a way to attract, retain, and gain more market share from your target customers.

Jan. 19, 2023, 4:15 p.m.