How They "Cracked the Code" for Sustainable Connectivity


While numerous free Wi-Fi initiatives worldwide have struggled with funding and sustainability, Entelek, a South African-based company, has successfully "cracked the code" by developing a viable business model that enables sustainable growth. This article delves into the factors that have contributed to Entelek's success, offering insights for future projects seeking to bridge the digital divide.

Section 1: Monetizing Free Wi-Fi through Advertising

One of Entelek's key innovations is the sale of advertising at market-related prices. By incorporating targeted advertisements into the user experience, Entelek generates revenue to cover operational costs while maintaining free access for users. This approach has proven successful in ensuring financial stability for the company, without the need for external investors or loans.

Section 2: Prioritizing User Experience

Entelek has placed great emphasis on creating a smooth user journey. By minimizing barriers to access and ensuring that the Wi-Fi network is user-friendly, Entelek has cultivated a loyal user base and increased network usage. This focus on user experience has not only attracted advertisers but also fostered community support for the project.

Section 3: Targeting Less Affluent Areas

In contrast to many other free Wi-Fi initiatives, Entelek has concentrated its deployment efforts on less affluent areas where connectivity is needed most. This strategic decision has allowed the company to have a meaningful impact on bridging the digital divide, ensuring that its services are accessible to those who need them most.

Section 4: Cost-Efficient Infrastructure

Entelek has managed to keep costs down by employing fit-for-purpose hardware and Internet connectivity solutions. By avoiding delusions of grandeur and focusing on practical, cost-effective technologies, Entelek has optimized its resources and increased the scalability of its free Wi-Fi network.

Section 5: Self-Funded and Organic Growth

Entelek's business model has allowed for self-funded, organic growth. By ensuring that cash flow and advertising sales keep pace with network expansion, the company has maintained financial stability without relying on external investors or loans. This has contributed to the sustainability and autonomy of the project, enabling it to thrive without burdening the business.


Entelek's innovative approach to free Wi-Fi has "cracked the code" for sustainable connectivity, offering valuable lessons for future projects. By focusing on generating revenue through advertising, prioritizing user experience, targeting less affluent areas, employing cost-efficient infrastructure, and maintaining a self-funded growth model, Entelek has successfully overcome the challenges that have plagued other free Wi-Fi initiatives. As a result, the company serves as a model for how to provide accessible and sustainable internet access to underserved communities worldwide.

June 14, 2023, 11:34 a.m.